Supernatural Power

What Is It?

Supernatural Power is a Trait that measures your overall power as a Supernatural creature. Typically the more powerful the supernatural creature, the more overwhelming their abilities when dealing with lesser creatures.

How Does It Work?

This trait typically determines just how much more innately powerful one creature is from another. When a creature acts upon another creature with a lower Supernatural power, that creature takes the difference in their Supernatural Power and rolls that die then multiplies the result of their action roll by this value.

For example, if the Alpha Werewolf (d10) decided to punch a human (d0) then the Werewolf would roll his unarmed attack roll and the human would roll their defense. The difference in their Supernatural Power is d10, so the Werewolf would roll this trait die and multiply the result of his Attribute roll by that value. Powerful supernatural creatures are typically unstoppable killing machines when confronted by their lessers as a result.

When enacting an ability on the world around them uncontested by another supernatural creature, the monster treats the world as mortal (d0) for determining what they can do.

Once (Minor) or Twice (Major) per game, a human with the Destiny merit can substitute their rating in Destiny for their Supernatural power when making an opposed roll against a supernatural creature.


d0 – Human
Regular humans and animals occupy this tier, they have no supernatural power to speak of. While very common on Earth, they often fall prey to supernatural creatures since they’re largely incapable of defending themselves.

d2 – The Monstrous
The lowest tier in the Supernatural rung, this rank are typically either the weakest of monsters or humans that have been afflicted by some kind of monstrous condition that makes them something more than human yet not quite full on monster.

d4 – The Monsters
This rank of Supernatural creature is the most common in the world and includes most of the monsters of the world. Most monsters fall into this rank and only the most skilled humans can hope to defeat them.

d6 – The Ascended
Monsters that, through one way or another, have managed to rise above the common rabble and distinguish themselves from the rest of their kind. These creatures set themselves above the rest of their kind as shining examples of their race. Typically this involves exhausting work or impeccable pedigree on the part of the monster to obtain this rank. Red Eyed Demons and Alpha Werewolves are an example of this tier.

d8 – The Empowered
This rank is reserved for the finest and most powerful example of supernatural creatures that have typically been elevated above their station by a more powerful supernatural creature. Yellow eyed Demons are an example of this tier.

d10 – The Alphas
The progenitors of their kind, this rank is typically occupied by Alphas. These monsters hold power beyond reason and are the ideal specimens of their race. These monsters are typically immortal and overcome even the weaknesses of their own species. Gods of Lesser known religions also occupy this rank, as well as the fabled White-Eyed Demon Lilith.

d12 – The Extraordinary
Reserved for only the most powerful creatures in existence: Hell Knights, Archangels, Leviathan, Eve, and other very rare almost unstoppable forces.

d12+ – The Supernal
These creatures have power beyond reason and include entities such as Death and God.

Supernatural Power

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