R Smith Assets and Complications


Allure d8: +d6 on rolls keyed to appearance

Fighting Type d6: take one non-combat action each turn

Steady Calm d4: +d4 on Willpower checks to avoid being shaken or frightened, never rattled except under extreme circumstances

Heavy Tolerance d6: +d6 on Vitality rolls to resist alcohol, poisons, drugs and other toxins

Lightning Reflexes d4: +d4 on Agility rolls for initiative


Hooked (booze) d4: -d4 penalty on all attributes for a week if you don’t get your daily fix, ends when you get your fix

Memorable d4: +d4 on target’s alertness rolls to recognize you

Nosy d2: -d2 step penalty on mental and social actions when you hear of new gossip and are trying to focus on something else

Overconfident d2: risk attempting a dangerous action even if you’re not skilled at it

Phobia (vamps) d4: -d4 step penalty on all actions when your phobia is present

R Smith Assets and Complications

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