R Smith Backstory

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Riley is of Lithuanian decent—her mother moved to America when she was still pregnant with Riley and had her in the states. Her mother, Justina, worked as a maid in an upscale New York hotel and eventually met a nice businessman, Paul Grant, who was on a business trip—they “fell in love”, got married and moved to suburbia in a small town outside Cincinnati. Riley often suspected her mother fell in love with the idea of no longer being a maid. Riley was 14 when they got married. Paul was nice to her and, although they didn’t have a father daughter relationship, they coexisted peacefully. Paul even paid for things like prom dresses and college; and her mom was happy so who was Riley to complain.

Riley went to the University of New York…and loved it. Whereas in little town Ohio she was often stared at for being a “brown race” in New York she had an easy time making friends and meeting boys. They looked at her like she was exotic and she felt like a hot commodity. Being popular meant parties and a busy social life—which left little time for studies. Riley wasn’t failing, but she wasn’t exactly getting good grades either. Both Paul and her Mother dismissed it as just “freshmen” behavior and trusted she’d do better. Despite her grades Riley even got them to agree to a Spring Break trip to Prague with her four best friends. But the trip didn’t exactly turn out well…

While enjoying Prague nightlife the 5 girls were accosted in a club. He was a decent looking guy, but he was vulgar and grabby. The girls decided to call it a night, told the bouncer to not let the guy follow them and left for their hotel. They were smart—it’s not like they took back unlit alleys and wobbled on high heels; they took a cab directly from the sidewalk of the club and got dropped off at their hotel…but he had followed them somehow…he was waiting inside their hotel room. He startled them, Riley remembers a few of them screaming and then he grew extra teeth and jumped on one of them. The thing tore one throat out and then another—Riley had always been fast. She grabbed the friend next to her and they ran. The thing gave chase and killed Riley’s friend in the stairwell. Adrenaline had Riley vaulting over the last railing on the stairs, twisting her ankle, but she barely felt it—Riley fled into the street…and in front of a car…she barely felt that too.

Riley woke up in the hospital with police ready to question her. She told them what happened and they simply stared at her…asked her what drugs she’d taken at the club and what boy she and the girls brought back to their hotel. She ranted—she wasn’t on drugs, they weren’t sluts they didn’t bring anyone back, it was some guy who was a monster with tons of teeth, why weren’t they listening! The police joked about the Tooth Fairy and Riley snapped, flung herself at the Cop…her friends had just died and he was making jokes. She ended up being sedated. The next few months were a blur. Her Mother showed up in Prague to take her home and when no one believed her, chalking the murders up to drugs and sex, she took to drinking. Riley dropped out of college and her Mother and Paul tried to check her into rehab—that’s when she left. Riley took both Paul and her Mother’s credit cards from their wallets, withdrew as much as she could and went back to New York. Her drinking habit meant the money she’d stolen dwindled quick and one night sitting on a park bench drinking (because the motel had kicked her out for not paying her bill) a guy passed her… “you should take off, you won’t want to be around here”

“And why the fuck not?”
“Cause I’m a serial killer.” The guy replied half joking, half something.
“Oh yeah, that’s nice, you aren’t the first one I’ve run into.” It must have been the way she said it because he knew she was telling the truth.

“What do you mean?” the guy asked.
Fully drunk now Riley didn’t really care if she sounded crazy, her Jeep had got impounded for yet another ticket and she didn’t have a place to sleep. “I mean, you’re far less scary than the last…he had more teeth.”

That stopped the guy. He did an about face and went and sat by her. “Where was this?”
“Where…in Prague, like 4 years ago. Sick fuck tore my friend’s throats out…and the cops…just assumed we’d gotten stoned and invited the wrong guy back to our hotel. Bunch of assholes.”

Nodding, “sorry to hear about your friends, but you need to leave the park" the guy got up and left. Riley sat there and continued to drink until she heard fighting—following the sounds she hid behind bushes and watched as serial killer guy fought a … dog wolf person thing. She crouched, transfixed by the scene… what the fuck, this shit was real?!

When the guy was on the ground with the werewolf on top of him ready to slash him open Riley stood, chucked her bottle of honey whiskey at the thing and shouted “HEY!”, it stopped mid-swipe as the bottle clunked it on the head and it turned with a growl in her direction. Riley had a second to process oh fuck in her mind as the thing started to leap, but the guy took the advantage and plunged a shiny dagger into its chest. The werewolf let out a scream howl and folded over on the guy who pushed it off. Riley walked over and picked up her now empty bottle… “you owe me a drink,” she told the guy.

R Smith Backstory

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