Nephilim Power


Nephilim Power is the apotheosis of a union between an Angel and a human. This ability originates from Lucifer, one of the most powerful Angles that ever existed, creating an heir also imbued with the might of Hell. Feared by all who know its true origins, this power is rumored to have long since been vanquished sometime around the disappearance of the Mother of all Monsters. It’s also rumored that only a human can posses this power.

Soul Mark

Only the rulers of Heaven and Hell deal in the precious commodity of souls. The most feared of all supernatural creatures tap into their power and are capable of world-changing feats of power with a host of souls at their command. Nephilim Power allows the bearer to tap into a small part of that power by directly marking the soul of another, supernatural or otherwise.

Mark (Supernatural)
A single supernatural creature can be targeted with a soul mark. The ritual takes about a minute to perform and requires continual contact with the target Make a Willpower + Nephilim Power / Soul Marking + Supernatural Power roll contested by the creature’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance + Supernatural Power roll. Success means that the supernatural creatures soul is successfully marked.

The Nephilim from then on can learn the supernatural skill of the marked creature. Further, the marked creature feels beholden to the Nephilim which allows the Nephilim to add her Supernatural Power to all rolls to affect the creature. In addition, the Supernatural Creature never treats the Nephilim as “mortal” for their Supernatural Power and does not gain the benefits of a comparatively overwhelmingly Supernatural Power trait.

The Nephilim gains the Supernatural Skill of the marked creature at d2 upon completion of the Ritual. If the Nephilim has any unspent AP at the time of marking, she may spend it to increase the conferred rating in Supernatural Skill.

Mark (Human)
A human that bears a Soul Mark becomes a loyal follower of the Nephilim and will do whatever they can to help her along her journey. Once per session, the Nephilim can draw upon the power of marked human souls to help her in a time of need. She spends a number of plot points equal to the number of Marked Humans she wishes to draw from and increases her Supernatural Power by one step per plot point spent.

Channel Soul Power – Miracles

Each miracle costs 1 Plot Point to attempt.

The Nephilim has the ability to draw power from the souls of others and work miracles with them. The Nephilim decides how much power to draw from a soul before conducting the miracle. Drawing a singe “point” of power deals 1 Stun damage from the target creature which can be healed normally. The character “builds” her Nephilim Power rating from these points, gaining a step bonus for each point drawn. Thus, a Nephilim with a Nephilim Power / MIracle of a d12 must draw 6 points (6 Stun) to use the full trait die. Otherwise the Nephilim caps their trait die at twice the number drawn. In the aforementioned example, for instance, the Nephilim could only draw 4 points and roll a d8 (even though their Trait Die is higher) and deal only 4 Stun to the target.

The Nephilim can also choose to “overchannel” a miracle. Each “point” taken above half her trait die adds 1 to the result of the roll. She can also treat her Supernatural Power as though it were +1 step higher for purposes of what miracles she can achieve (but only +1 step regardless of how many points are taken). The donating creature, however, takes a single point of Wound damage per point donated due to the strain of the Nephilim drawing more power than she’s otherwise capable of handling.

If the Host objects, this roll becomes contested pitting the Nephilim’s Willpower + Nephilim Power / Miracle against the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance. A Nephilim can only target one creature at a time with this ability but she can target herself in addition to other creatures.

Miracle Scope
The Nephilim’s Supernatural Power determines the scope of her miracles.

Supernatural PowerScope
d6Tiny localized miracles that only affect one person which have little to do with anyone else.
d8Small miracles which would affect a small group of people, such as a local church group or big family.
d10Moderate miracles which would affect a small town of people.
d12Huge miracles which would affect a large city of people.
d12+d2Drastic miracles that would change an entire country.
d12+d4Incredible miracles that would change an entire hemisphere.
d12+d6World changing miracles that affect an entire planet.
d12+d8Reality changing miracles that affect an entire plane of existence.
d12+d10Casual miracles that would affect the fabric of reality for all realms or Fate itself.
d12+d12The Power of God.

The complexity of the miracle determines the difficulty of the activation roll. Simple miracles that no one would otherwise notice as out of the ordinary are Easy, miracles that are a bit surprising but otherwise completely plausible are Average, miracles that are possible but extremely unlikely are Hard, miracles that are nearly impossible save for a very unique set of circumstances are Formidable, and truly impossible feats that defy the laws of reality itself are Heroic. The more complicated the miracle the more time it takes to construct. Easy miracles are a single action, Average miracles require a full dedicated turn, Hard miracles require a continuous minute, Formidable miracles require an hour of concentration, and Heroic miracles require a full day of uninterrupted concentration. The Nephilim can decrease the time the miracle requires by a single “tier” by increasing the difficulty by +4 (and may do so multiple times, thus taking an hour long miracle down to a single turn would be a +8 difficulty increase and so on).

Easy1 ActionA small, very possible miracle
Average1 TurnA surprising but still possible miracle
Hard1 MinuteAn unlikely but still plausible miracle
Formidable1 HourAn extremely unlikely miracle that requires specific conditions
Heroic1 DayAn impossible miracle

A Nephilim with the power of Miracles is a truly miraculous source, but if the Nephilim fails to meet the difficulty with her activation roll the miracle takes on a life of its own. The miracle will manifest in an unpredictable and often dangerous way should the Nephilim fail the activation roll.

Nephilim Power

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