Tag: soul-bound


  • Annette

    Supernatural Skill: Reaper

    Illusionists Most Repears use this skill to change their appearance or the world around mortal souls to help them transition into the afterlife, but Reapers are capable of altering what another …

  • Pierce Cain

    Supernatural Skill: First Hunter

    Adaptation Sometimes prey tries to venture where the hunter can't follow and so the Hunter must adept to chase the prey. Cain has an advanced version of this trait, able to almost …

  • Adriel

    Supernatural Skill: Angelic Power

    Healing Adriel's healing capabilities largely depend on his capabilities as a supernatural creature, but he's been observed doing the following; alleviating mild headaches or …

  • Windigo Alpha

    Supernatural Skill: Wendigo Alpha

    Shape Shifter The Wendigo Alpha is an accomplished Shapeshifter, far more so than his offspring. In addition to taking the form of any creature he can conceivably think of, the Alpha …