Sins of the Father

Mckayla Thoughts #4 - DRAFT

- talked with the Solomon’s about how to deal with the Vamp
- left Mike with Solomon’s and Prophet, obvious Reena likes him, I’m ok with that she’s old fashioned which I think would be really good for Mike and selfishly I know she could extend his life supernaturally
- rounded up the vamp, she’s a perv, made a deal to let her “try” to win Cain, pissed me off, spent the night with Cain just sleeping to feel close to him since was feeling insecure and also really upset about Adriel but didn’t want to tell anyone cause always wanna be upbeat
- talked w/ Casian and Lazarus about him being his vessel, Casian wants to remember
- met at the gate of Heaven by a new neph and camb, order and chaos
- gave Hadriel a prophecy and learned that it removes their free will
- went to heaven and met with Michael and Rafeal, they were dicks and wanted me to let them kill half of the neph / camb….ummm no
- fought, Michael used Mike as a vessel, does that mean he is THE vessel or just A vessel?
- fought Michael’s right hand angels to get to adriel, they had him powering heaven via his grace and eventually via my soul when his grace ran out, it was a very long term plan to get me killed
- turned one of Michael’s key angels via prophecy, killed the other, the last started to blow up but Casian, possessed by Lazarus, came in and absorbed the blast
- couldn’t get Adriel out of the cage where he was impaled, Rafael showed up and sacrifised himself to save Adriel, we got him down and left heaven
- Cain made sure Casian “my favorite toy” got out safe, Mike ended up in pergatory
- Adriel was locked in a mind palace cell thing, I did a miracle with Cain but it didn’t work
- death showed up for his weapon, he helped with Adriel and actually stayed and talked, almost impossible to get any info out of thought, he agreed to help with adriel if I did a favor I made sure to verify I wouldn’t have to kill anyone I cared about he said yes and I agreed
- I kissed adriel after death fixed him, he kissed me back…kind of
- time went back to normal and adriel and I filled cain in on what happened with death, then cain and I filled adriel in on what happened while he was gone
- I went to chat with the solomons about Mike being gone and in purgatory and about how to possibly stop Micahel from possessing him
- we did determine that lucifer has ethan the profit and also talked about possibly summoning him to earth and making michael help us fight him
- the angel I turned went to purgatory and got mike for me
-ended game at the solomons

Mckayla Thoughts #4


I can really tell Purgatory artificially jazzes the people there. I’m exhausted and I wasn’t there. It might be because I don’t feel like I can slow down. Purgatory was, you stand still you die; the gears keep spinning even though I’m back. I guess this is what Casian meant about readjusting. But I can’t slow down. They have Adrial and I have to get him back.

Already I feel I’ve gotten more done in the last few days than I did in the last several months I was on Earth. I’ve met the organized family of supnats that Cain coordinated, I’ve made plans to take on the Alpha vampire plaguing my city, I’ve told Mike about everything, I’ve coordinated the cure for Rena of vampirism, I’ve spoken to Lazarus about using Cas as his vessel, I’ve talked to Casian about that too and I’ve even had dinner with the Solomons.

And there’s still so much to do…

Mckayla Thoughts #3

Purgatory was decently successful. Casian and I fought quite a few creatures and I’m a lot more confident with my knife skills than I was before…hopefully Cain will think I’ve improved too—I know that’s what he wanted out of this trip for me, to be more capable. I suppose I was kind of a burden to them both.

Casian and I met up with the male Reborn, Hammon. He certainly wasn’t like the female Reborns…he was a bit…crazy. I guess Purgatory will do that to anyone given enough time and only God knows how long he’s been here. Regardless he helped us track down the Leviathan tablet and formulated the plan for us to successfully take it. He also bestowed on me what I call Soul Vision so that I could see Rena’s soul in the Leviathan and cut it out to save her. Three Leviathans were guarding the tablet. Hammon single handedly took on two of them, leaving one for Casian and I. Casian had a bit of bad luck and the Leviathan actually broke his neck, although thank the Lord he was still alive. I finished off the Leviathan, cut out Rena’s soul and raced to get the tablet before rushing to Casian. I was a little surprised by how much it bothered me that he’d gotten hurt. I healed him and after he did a spell to fuse Rena’s soul into my person we fled since the Angel power seems to be a flame for the moths.

Several hours, or even days later one can never be sure with Purgatory, Hammon caught up with us. He explained he could get us to the portal to escape and pulled me aside to discuss what would happen if he left. Turns out the Reborn sisters deposited their power with Hammon and he agreed to go to Purgatory so they could all hide from fate. Hammon said returning would mean that they all get back their power, an immense amount of power, and they wouldn’t be hidden from everyone anymore. So the Angel and Demons would know about them. I don’t believe they should have to hide, they are part of God’s design—and to top it off they’re actually good people. I will fight for them, I will stand up for them and I asked Hammon to return with us. But we didn’t return until he’d imparted a bit of what he considered wisdom to me. It seems that he has the capability, at least while he has all the Reborn’s power, to know the truth; he told me I would be happy with Casian. Perhaps him just speaking it aloud was all the fates needed to make it so…because i believed him.

We found the portal back and Hammon had to hold off several creatures so that Casian and I could escape. Hammon promised he was right behind us. After exiting the portal Casian and I were dropped in different locations. I reached out to Cain and Adriel and when I couldn’t feel either of them raced home …. worried about how much time had passed and what was going on. I found Annette sitting at the house alone, like she was waiting for me. She rushed me off to Cain’s side; he’d been struck down from heaven. I healed him and learned that it had thankfully only been six months. Cain had single handedly united the powerhouse supernatural families of Chicago under his rule and Adriel had tried to help his brothers in heaven. Adriel was less successful than Cain and was captured. Cain, with information provided by Lazarus, wrote his name in heaven to become an Angel and go after Adriel. Cain said there was a meeting I had to attend and then we’d see about Adriel. I met the heads of the family and grew increasingly worried that I hadn’t heard from Casian; thankfully calling him worked and we were able to meet up where he did a spell to pull Rena out. We couldn’t wait around long enough to find out if she was ok as we had to rush off to try and get Adriel.

Why haven’t I wondered if I was in over my head before? Was that a human flaw that just needed time to dissipate?

Mckayla Thoughts #2

I suppose things felt just as crazy when I was human. The 12 hour shift followed by the mad grocery and chore dash before I’d crash for the day. But the weight that things carry now…it’s so much more. I really think I can make a difference, really believe I’m here for a reason. So, is purgatory a good idea? To leave everything behind to look for one girl and one tablet. I’m not sure I can justify it, but it’s still my responsibility. How can I fix everything at once. How can I be in all places at once. I just have to accept that role isn’t mine and learn to be satisfied with doing all I can. Maybe the Laviathan tablet will be a boon, there could still be some on earth and I was certainly responsible for unleashing them. And I know the angels would be angry and scared of they knew about the tablet…perhaps I should give it to them as a piece offering. How can I ask that they have faith in me if I don’t have faith in them. Maybe I’m approaching this wrong…it shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. Maybe I should be focusing on the angels more than I am. Help them and it will just naturally trickle down to earth?

Mackayla Thoughts #1

Dear Heavenly Father,
The last time I prayed I was human and my greatest regret or concern was losing someone who came to the ER in critical condition. Things are … different. I was given power—the ability to make miracles happen, is it wrong that I should want to use this to make things better? I was asked why I wanted to change things since those before me had left our world in this situation for centuries. I was told that perhaps things are meant to be this way. But I can’t help but think…maybe they aren’t meant to be this way and maybe someone just has to be brave enough to do something about it. I believe you love your children and you are merciful. I have faith that you carry all our best interest in your heart. But I know that we need to work hard for the future you want us to claim. I will do my best and work my hardest to bring that future for your children. I do not ask for my journey to be easier, but if you could make the travels of your other children less burdened I would gladly bear their weight.


Family Values
Episode 2
  • got a new job from Kenny: 6 killed, “animal attack”, downtown Chicago in a warehouse, happened last night, it was a bloodbath, she learns that the couple that was killed were friends of Cameron
  • she convinces Cameron to not take an active roll in hunting and will instead be her phone jockey
  • Research on the “animal attack” job: article description is shit and it could be tons of different types of creatures, we show up as homeland security, detective lockhart, ripped apart by small thin sharp teeth that are humanoid sizes, either were or vamp, claw marks on the side of the building suggest it traveled by roof, night before there was a break-in at an apt complex near the area, we established the perp lived near by, we s/w an ex-military guy who was nice, but scared, his apt was broken into, with an entry but no exit, I think this guy is the perp…suck
  • We had to kill the ex-military guy and then headed out of town to avoid local law enforcement, we got settled in and I was all ready to sleep until my wounds healed up…

“Hey, there’s been six more murders.”

AION! Pack our shit!”

Lost Cause
Episode 1
  • woke up to total devastation, looked like we were in the middle of a blast zone, but the concrete around us was not damage, like we were in a protective bubble

  • woke up holding the hand of some guy—who turned out to be a fucking demon, but thanks to amnesia I had no clue who he was

  • turned out the guy, Aion, was contracted to me and was even wearing my focus…did I mention I’m a witch…

  • after we agreed we didn’t like each other…or did we?…we encountered a couple demons and put an end to them, Aion showed he was a high ranking scary motherfucker

  • one of the demons we caught talked, telling us that the gateway between hell and earth was destroyed and it was a demon free for all

  • we ran into a random human who knew me, ended up being Alex, my half-brother, I’ve got some flashes of him and some fond feelings but nothing concrete

  • Alex gave me a key and a note…I guess I planned for this…although not very well…

  • I got to the storage facility that belonged to the key and we got jumped by a couple shape shifters, fuckers broke a rib but we…mostly the demon showoff, kicked their asses

  • inside the storage unit was a hold up of awesome shit, we loaded up stuff into my familiar red hummer (know that steering wheel I remember) and packed up

  • I found a cell phone with 2 numbers, one for Alex one for a Cameron and a laptop with a video on it

  • The video was of me talking to me (it was 6 mths old)…weird…I did plan for this…I was telling myself to see Cameron if I lost my memory and if I lost my memory that meant that I failed…but failed what? and who the hell is this cameron? and why the fuck am I so touchy feeley with the goddamn demon in the video? Are these photos? Why the fuck is there a photo of the goddam demon sleeping? am I a fucking stalker?

  • after we packed up I called Cameron and touched base, apparently he’s the brother of the guy who raised me, whatever, still can’t remember
  • we stopped at a Roadhouse and met Carl Marx and Kenny Brandle, both hunters although Marx has a bum leg, did Kenny a favor for a favor, gave him a fake ID and he found my birth certificate
  • so I’m Chloe Pennell, 24 yrs old, born to one Gayle Pennell, no listed father, well hell that isn’t much is it
  • the demon and I made our way to Cameron and met him at a dinner, he didn’t know I was a witch and hadn’t talked to me in about 7-9 months, he took the news of me being a freak well, but wasn’t thrilled about the demon…I can understand that, but feel some fucked up loyalty to this guy, why?
  • Cameron told me the story behind me growing up and it was like a rush, taking my breath away I remembered it all… Oh Cameron, I’m so sorry…
  • then Cameron tells me about the house that Alex and I bought then drops a bomb on me—he wants to hunt again. WHAT?!?!?! Fuck No! guess persistence runs in the family and he says he’ll do it anyway…I need to punch something, cut something and get hit back was I always this way?
  • I called Kenny and asked for a job…needed a job….

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