Supernatural Skill: White-Eyed Demonic Power

White-Eyed Demons have almost perfect control over living and organic matter. They can do anything from make minor cosmetic changes to living organisms (Easy) to regrow internal organs (Average). This power can also be used to create any life (except Humans and other Supernaturals) with the complexity depending in the complication of the organism. A few celled microbe is trivial (Easy) but a more complex animal (an extinct Dodo) can be more difficulty (Hard). The White-Eyed Demon can also use this ability to enhance a living creature’s natural abilities granting them the ability to breathe non-native environments (Hard) or even heal at an accelerated rate (Varies). Using Biokinesis requires a single action, is done with the White-Eyed Demon’s Intelligence + Demonic Power / Biokinesis, and is resisted by the target’s Endurance + Supernatural Power.

Demonic Dealing
Like their lesser Cousins the Cross-Road Demons, White-Eyed Demons have the ability to make deals with humans and grant them power in exchange for their soul. In reality the Demon can only broker soul transitions for a party powerful enough to hold them (such as Hell). The Demon rolls Intelligence + Demonic Power / Demonic Dealing. For each tier difficulty, the Demon can grant a single step increase in an Attribute, Skill or Trait. The Demon then rolls his Supernatural Power. The result determines how many of the aforementioned Abilities the Demon can grant in order to meet the contract. For this reason, more powerful Demons typically grant more rewards for bartered souls making dealings with them much more desirable than their lesser counterparts.

Demonic Magic
White-Eyed Demons have a unique grasp of magical power and are capable of wielding magic as well. Most of these rolls are Intelligence + Demonic Power / Demonic Magic. The difficulty is typically set by the Storyteller or opposed by other sentient creatures. Demonic spells often require macabre components, typically the more powerful the spell the more rare the component is.

Hunters Sense
White Eyed Demons senses are rivaled second to none, capable of even seeing Creatures naturally invisible such as Reapers. Xander always adds his Supernatural Skill and Supernatural Power to Perception rolls that involve one of his senses and treats any creature that does not have a Supernatural Skill set specifically for evading senses as mortal for determining his result.

White-Eyed Demons have the uncanny ability to track souls. The Demon makes an Alertness + Demonic Power / Localization opposed by the creature’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance to avoid being seen. If the Demon wins, he knows exactly where the soul is. If the soul is on a plane other than Earth, the White-Eyed Demon suffers a +4 difficulty to the roll.

Unlike most Demons, Xander can wield impressive psychokinetic abilities. Xandre can attempt to affect multiple targets (+4 difficulty per additional target) or affect an entire area (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc). Using any form of Psychokinesis is an action, requires a Willpower + Demonic Power / Psychokinesis roll opposed by the appropriate Attribute + Skill combination determined by the Storyteller. When causing damage, use their Supernatural Power for the base “weapon” damage. This ability can take any energy form Xander wishes.

Superhuman Prowess
As one of the first Demons ever created, White-Eyed Demons are the demonic equivalent to Archangels. Xander can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Demon / Superhuman Prowess + Supernatural Power. Every difficulty tier grants him a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).

A power only the most powerful Demons are capable of, Xander has the unsettling ability to appear and vanish from anywhere in sight. This ability does not function, however, if Xander is in active combat since it takes all of his concentration to whisk himself from one destination to the next. Xander can teleport anywhere in the world with minimal effort (Average), or even cross dimensions such as into heaven or hell with a little effort (Hard). Each additional target he brings along makes the trip a bit more taxing (+4 for every additional creature) so he rarely travels with more than a handful of people.



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