Djinn Alpha



Djinn have skin discolorations, which often appear to be tattoos, along their arms. In truth these markings are actually the means by which they transfer their potent, if not deadly, poison to other creatures. Upon making skin to skin contact with another creature, the Djinn can take a single action to delivery poison and make a Vitality + Djinn / Poison contested by the target’s Resistance. If the creature fails, it succumbs to the Djinn’s poison. A Djinn can inflict a number of doses on a single individual equal to half its Supernatural Power and the duration of the poison is typically a number of hours equal to half its supernatural power as well. The poison can perform a wide variety of effects: -1 step penalty to all physical attributes, the creature suffers hallucinations controlled by the Djinn for the scene, the poison can cause the creature to “bleed” a single point of damage (Stun eventually turning into shock, although a Hard difficulty on the activation roll allows the Djinn to deal wound instead) every minute. For every point of damage the creature bleeds or for every hour spent in a hallucinating state, the Djinn heals a single point of damage (stun or wound, Djinn’s choice) and receives a full day of sustenance. Unlike most creatures, the Djinn can store a number of months of sustenance at once equal to half its Supernatural Power.

Djinn are descended from different types of bloodlines which grant them control of a single type of element. Regardless of the element, this ability followers the standard Psychokinesis rules. Typically those from the Marid bloodline have Telekinesis, Ifrits have Pyrokinesis, Shaitan have Electrokinesis, Jinn have Hydrokinesis. Jann rarely manifest this ability, but when they do it’s typically a limited form of Mind Control or Telepathy.

Superhuman Prowess
Djinn are extremely capable and talented physical combatants when they need to be. Any Djinn can take an action to roll its Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Djinn / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants him a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).


Djinn Alpha

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