Current Prophecy
The children of the Lord, far removed from his favored son – mankind – were joined hand in hand together. “You are all my children,” spoke the Lord. “Come together and live in harmony as one.”

Prophecy Benefits: Angel +1, Willpower +1, Melee Weapons +1, Supernatural Power +1, Negate Socially Awkward


Supernatural Skill: Angelic Power

Adriel’s healing capabilities largely depend on his capabilities as a supernatural creature, but he’s been observed doing the following; alleviating mild headaches or discomfort (easy), healing all stun damage a target possesses (average), recovering all wound damage the target has taken (hard), recovering a severe long term debilitation like a broken leg (formidable), and even curing terminal illnesses (heroic). Once Adriel fully awakens his power, he’ll be able to bring people back from the dead (incredible) or even reconstruct someone’s body completely and place their soul back in its place (ridiculous) provided they haven’t been dead for too long. When Adriel attempts to heal supernatural creatures, they roll their Supernatural Power and subtract that number from his result.

Mind Reading
Adriel is an extremely capable telepath and can easily facilitating communication between multiple people. Further, his telepathic intuition of others gives him an sixth sense when it comes to interacting with others since their deepest feelings and emotions might as well be pieces of jewelry plainly worn for him to see. He can facilitate communication between himself and others he’s close to (easy), reach out to another human somewhere in the world (average), reach out to another supernatural creature somewhere in the world (hard), or even reach beyond the boundaries of this dimension and into others such as heaven, hell, and purgatory (formidable). Further, Adriel can sense emotional states (easy), sift through surface thoughts (average), understand deep and lingering desires or repressed memories (hard), or even pull a lifetime of knowledge from a target within a few moments (formidable). Supernatural creatures resist Adriel’s Mind Reading with their Supernatural Power, though few creatures are practiced at guarding their thoughts since angelic intrusions into their mental state are few and far between.

One of the most feared powers that Angels possess, this ability is particularly potent against Demons because it treats Demons with a Supernatural Power rating less than the Angels as mortals for purposes of Supernatural Skill and Supernatural Power effects. This skill is rolled for the angel to touch and smite the target, although supernatural creatures (with the aforementioned exception) always resist this ability with their Supernatural Power. Successful use of Smiting instantly slays the target touched. Angels can attempt to touch two targets at once by taking a two step penalty. An angel that uses Smiting cannot take any other actions for its turn other than for defense. Angels cannot smite other Angels, no matter the disparity between their Supernatural Power.

Superhuman Prowess
All Angels are incredibly formidable combatants, matching Werewolves and other Supernatural heavy hitters blow for blow in combat. An Angel can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Angelic Power / Superhuman Prowess + Supernatural Power. Every difficulty tier grants the Angel a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).

The hallmark of his angelic powers, Adriel has the unsettling ability to appear and vanish from anywhere in sight. This ability does not function, however, if Adriel is in active combat since it takes all of his concentration to whisk himself from one destination to the next. Adriel can teleport anywhere in the world with minimal effort (average), or even cross dimensions such as into heaven or hell with a little effort (hard). Each additional target he brings along makes the trip a bit more taxing (+4 for every additional creature) so he rarely travels with more than a handful of people.

By sheer force of will, Adriel can bend the power of his Grace to telekinetically interact with his environment. When used against supernatural creatures, they add their Supernatural Power to contest his roll. Adriel can attempt to affect multiple targets (+4 difficulty per additional target) or affect an entire area (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc). Large displays of angelic power often draw attention from supernatural creatures, angelic and others alike, and are strictly forbidden by the Celestial Host.


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