Lance Cain


Supernatural Skill: First Hunter

Sometimes prey tries to venture where the hunter can’t follow and so the Hunter must adept to chase the prey. Cain has an advanced version of this trait, able to almost instantly adapt to any situation he’s confronted with. For the scene, Cain can pick one specialty of any skill he doesn’t have and treat that specialty as though he has a rating equal to his Supernatural Skill.

Hunters Sense
Cain’s senses are rivaled only by supernatural creatures with the most acute senses. He always adds his Supernatural Skill and Supernatural Power to Perception rolls that involve one of his senses and treats any creature that does not have a Supernatural Skill set specifically for evading senses as mortal for determining his result.

Superhuman Prowess
Born to be one of the most terrifying and effective killers to walk Heaven and Earth, First Hunters are capable of pumping up their physical might to extraordinary levels making them a match for even the most powerful members of the Angelic Host. Cain can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + First Hunter / Superhuman Prowess + Supernatural Power. Every difficulty tier grants him a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).

Supernatural Resilience
Mark of the unstoppable Hunter, Cain is incredibly resilient to damage and supernatural powers. When contesting effects from Supernatural Skills, Cain adds his Supernatural Skill to contested rolls. When Cain takes a second wind, he rolls his Supernatural Skill and recovers the result in wound in addition to the normal Stun recovery. Further, every supernatural foe Cain slays in combat grants him an additional second wind for the day.

Part of their demonic heritage when Cain himself was damned by God for slaying his brother, First Hunters can wield impressive psychokinetic abilities. Cain can attempt to affect multiple targets (+4 difficulty per additional target) or affect an entire area (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc). Using any form of Psychokinesis is an action, requires a Willpower + First Hunter / Psychokinesis roll opposed by the appropriate Attribute + Skill combination determined by the Storyteller. When causing damage, use their Supernatural Power for the base “weapon” damage.

Cain has developed a unique skill to make himself appear as nonthreatening as he wishes, making it easier for him to draw in prey. Cain rolls his Willpower + First Hunter / Stalker against a creature’s Perception roll. If he succeeds, the creatures observes him as whatever Supernatural Power rating he wishes, even potentially posing as human.

Lance Cain

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