Sins of the Father

Mckayla Thoughts #4 - DRAFT

- talked with the Solomon’s about how to deal with the Vamp
- left Mike with Solomon’s and Prophet, obvious Reena likes him, I’m ok with that she’s old fashioned which I think would be really good for Mike and selfishly I know she could extend his life supernaturally
- rounded up the vamp, she’s a perv, made a deal to let her “try” to win Cain, pissed me off, spent the night with Cain just sleeping to feel close to him since was feeling insecure and also really upset about Adriel but didn’t want to tell anyone cause always wanna be upbeat
- talked w/ Casian and Lazarus about him being his vessel, Casian wants to remember
- met at the gate of Heaven by a new neph and camb, order and chaos
- gave Hadriel a prophecy and learned that it removes their free will
- went to heaven and met with Michael and Rafeal, they were dicks and wanted me to let them kill half of the neph / camb….ummm no
- fought, Michael used Mike as a vessel, does that mean he is THE vessel or just A vessel?
- fought Michael’s right hand angels to get to adriel, they had him powering heaven via his grace and eventually via my soul when his grace ran out, it was a very long term plan to get me killed
- turned one of Michael’s key angels via prophecy, killed the other, the last started to blow up but Casian, possessed by Lazarus, came in and absorbed the blast
- couldn’t get Adriel out of the cage where he was impaled, Rafael showed up and sacrifised himself to save Adriel, we got him down and left heaven
- Cain made sure Casian “my favorite toy” got out safe, Mike ended up in pergatory
- Adriel was locked in a mind palace cell thing, I did a miracle with Cain but it didn’t work
- death showed up for his weapon, he helped with Adriel and actually stayed and talked, almost impossible to get any info out of thought, he agreed to help with adriel if I did a favor I made sure to verify I wouldn’t have to kill anyone I cared about he said yes and I agreed
- I kissed adriel after death fixed him, he kissed me back…kind of
- time went back to normal and adriel and I filled cain in on what happened with death, then cain and I filled adriel in on what happened while he was gone
- I went to chat with the solomons about Mike being gone and in purgatory and about how to possibly stop Micahel from possessing him
- we did determine that lucifer has ethan the profit and also talked about possibly summoning him to earth and making michael help us fight him
- the angel I turned went to purgatory and got mike for me
-ended game at the solomons



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