Sins of the Father

Mckayla Thoughts #4


I can really tell Purgatory artificially jazzes the people there. I’m exhausted and I wasn’t there. It might be because I don’t feel like I can slow down. Purgatory was, you stand still you die; the gears keep spinning even though I’m back. I guess this is what Casian meant about readjusting. But I can’t slow down. They have Adrial and I have to get him back.

Already I feel I’ve gotten more done in the last few days than I did in the last several months I was on Earth. I’ve met the organized family of supnats that Cain coordinated, I’ve made plans to take on the Alpha vampire plaguing my city, I’ve told Mike about everything, I’ve coordinated the cure for Rena of vampirism, I’ve spoken to Lazarus about using Cas as his vessel, I’ve talked to Casian about that too and I’ve even had dinner with the Solomons.

And there’s still so much to do…



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