Sins of the Father

Mckayla Thoughts #3

Purgatory was decently successful. Casian and I fought quite a few creatures and I’m a lot more confident with my knife skills than I was before…hopefully Cain will think I’ve improved too—I know that’s what he wanted out of this trip for me, to be more capable. I suppose I was kind of a burden to them both.

Casian and I met up with the male Reborn, Hammon. He certainly wasn’t like the female Reborns…he was a bit…crazy. I guess Purgatory will do that to anyone given enough time and only God knows how long he’s been here. Regardless he helped us track down the Leviathan tablet and formulated the plan for us to successfully take it. He also bestowed on me what I call Soul Vision so that I could see Rena’s soul in the Leviathan and cut it out to save her. Three Leviathans were guarding the tablet. Hammon single handedly took on two of them, leaving one for Casian and I. Casian had a bit of bad luck and the Leviathan actually broke his neck, although thank the Lord he was still alive. I finished off the Leviathan, cut out Rena’s soul and raced to get the tablet before rushing to Casian. I was a little surprised by how much it bothered me that he’d gotten hurt. I healed him and after he did a spell to fuse Rena’s soul into my person we fled since the Angel power seems to be a flame for the moths.

Several hours, or even days later one can never be sure with Purgatory, Hammon caught up with us. He explained he could get us to the portal to escape and pulled me aside to discuss what would happen if he left. Turns out the Reborn sisters deposited their power with Hammon and he agreed to go to Purgatory so they could all hide from fate. Hammon said returning would mean that they all get back their power, an immense amount of power, and they wouldn’t be hidden from everyone anymore. So the Angel and Demons would know about them. I don’t believe they should have to hide, they are part of God’s design—and to top it off they’re actually good people. I will fight for them, I will stand up for them and I asked Hammon to return with us. But we didn’t return until he’d imparted a bit of what he considered wisdom to me. It seems that he has the capability, at least while he has all the Reborn’s power, to know the truth; he told me I would be happy with Casian. Perhaps him just speaking it aloud was all the fates needed to make it so…because i believed him.

We found the portal back and Hammon had to hold off several creatures so that Casian and I could escape. Hammon promised he was right behind us. After exiting the portal Casian and I were dropped in different locations. I reached out to Cain and Adriel and when I couldn’t feel either of them raced home …. worried about how much time had passed and what was going on. I found Annette sitting at the house alone, like she was waiting for me. She rushed me off to Cain’s side; he’d been struck down from heaven. I healed him and learned that it had thankfully only been six months. Cain had single handedly united the powerhouse supernatural families of Chicago under his rule and Adriel had tried to help his brothers in heaven. Adriel was less successful than Cain and was captured. Cain, with information provided by Lazarus, wrote his name in heaven to become an Angel and go after Adriel. Cain said there was a meeting I had to attend and then we’d see about Adriel. I met the heads of the family and grew increasingly worried that I hadn’t heard from Casian; thankfully calling him worked and we were able to meet up where he did a spell to pull Rena out. We couldn’t wait around long enough to find out if she was ok as we had to rush off to try and get Adriel.

Why haven’t I wondered if I was in over my head before? Was that a human flaw that just needed time to dissipate?



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