Sins of the Father

Family Values

Episode 2

  • got a new job from Kenny: 6 killed, “animal attack”, downtown Chicago in a warehouse, happened last night, it was a bloodbath, she learns that the couple that was killed were friends of Cameron
  • she convinces Cameron to not take an active roll in hunting and will instead be her phone jockey
  • Research on the “animal attack” job: article description is shit and it could be tons of different types of creatures, we show up as homeland security, detective lockhart, ripped apart by small thin sharp teeth that are humanoid sizes, either were or vamp, claw marks on the side of the building suggest it traveled by roof, night before there was a break-in at an apt complex near the area, we established the perp lived near by, we s/w an ex-military guy who was nice, but scared, his apt was broken into, with an entry but no exit, I think this guy is the perp…suck
  • We had to kill the ex-military guy and then headed out of town to avoid local law enforcement, we got settled in and I was all ready to sleep until my wounds healed up…

“Hey, there’s been six more murders.”

AION! Pack our shit!”



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