Mckaylas Power


When God set the Universe into motion, he gave everyone the ability to choose their own destiny. He knew some of his children would want for things that would do them more harm than good, but that was their decision to make. Still, though he promised to let his children make their own way because he loved them and knew they needed to learn for themselves, he couldn’t stand the idea of leaving them truly alone. Sure the Angels were there to help mankind but they were far from perfect. Mankind needed their own hero, one human that had the ability to look out for the rest. For better or worse, that person was given the word of God. What they are meant to do with that power is a matter of much debate, but one undeniable truth remains: the word of God is power.

The truth is that souls have power, but a soul is never more powerful than when it is in a living person. They can funnel that power into prayers, and only the chosen one can draw power from those prayers. If someone could actually harness the power of prayer, they would gain the power of all living souls in the world which is vastly more than the reserves of both heaven and hell combined. This power is what even Angels fear above all else, for harnessing this power could create a potentially unstoppable being. No angel or demon has every harnessed the power of living souls, and they’d be both stunned and horrified that something other than God has the power to do so.

Hearing Prayers

Hearing Prayers is exactly what it sounds like. Those that believe in God often pray to them, and as luck would have it someone is actually listening.

Easy: Hear someone in active Prayer within line of sight, whether they’re speaking aloud or not
Average: Know the last prayer of a true believer within line of sight
Hard: Know any prayer of a true believer within line of sight
Formidable: Know the desires of a nonbeliever
Heroic: Sift through all active Prayers for something specific
Incredible: Sift through all of the faithful in the world for something specific
Ridiculous: Sift through all the desires of the nonbelievers or something specific
Impossible: Listen to all the Prayers of everyone in the world simultaneously and understand them

Prayer includes the name of God (-8), Prayer is specifically to a member of the Celestial Host other than God (-4), Prayer is in a Church (-4)

Same City (+4), Same State (+8), Same Country (+12), Same Continent (+16), Anywhere in the World (+20)


Those that Pray typically do so because they need something they can’t get themselves. Whether or not getting what they pray for would be good for them is a matter of much debate, but hearing their prayers without the ability to do something about it wouldn’t do much good.

Easy: Instantly accomplish something a mundane person could do given enough time
Average: Instantly accomplish something a skilled human could do given enough time
Hard: Instantly accomplish something an expert or group of trained humans could do given enough time, do something impossible that changes a single person’s life
Formidable: Instantly accomplish something an entire country could do given enough time, do something impossible that changes a small group of people’s lives
Heroic: Instantly accomplish something only the entire world working in harmony could accomplish, do the impossible which changes the life of a supernatural creature or a city-worth of humans
Incredible: Accomplish the impossible for a group of supernatural creatures or an entire continent worth of people
Ridiculous: Grant a miracle that is impossible by all known standards which changes the world forever
Impossible: Recreate heaven or hell, create a new angel whole cloth, turn a demon into an angel

One supernatural creature lends aid (-4), A powerful supernatural creature or group of less powerful supernatural creatures lend aid (-8), The entire celestial host comes together to help with the miracle (-12)

The Miracle effects a nonbeliever (+4), the miracle would bring harm to innocents (+4), more than a few dozen people are praying for the miracle to not come true (+8), the miracle is opposed by the entire celestial host (+12)


Sometimes people need something more than just a quick fix. Sometimes they’re destined for great things, sometimes people try to bite off more than they can chew. Most people believe they’re meant for something, sometimes they just need an extra push to get them on their way. Prophecy is a specific goal with a definable end that only affects a single creature. All difficulty tiers are cumulative (meaning reaching one tier also provides the benefit of all lower tiers).

Easy: grant a one step bonus to any skill directly attempting to fulfill the prophecy
Average: grant a single asset or remove a complication when attempting to fulfill a prophecy
Hard: grant a one step attribute bonus on any actions taken to fulfill a prophecy
Formidable: grant a supernatural skill usable for fulfilling a prophecy
Heroic: grant a mortal a supernatural power rating or increase an effective power rating for fulfilling a prophecy
Incredible: allow the prophet to reroll all dice of mundane traits when fulfilling a prophecy
Ridiculous: allow the prophet to reroll all dice of a supernatural trait when fulfilling a prophecy
Impossible: recreate the power of God for a single creature to fulfill a prophecy

Helping someone accomplish something good or born of pure love (-4), helping someone that has prayed for the same thing for most of their life (-4), prophecy is designed to directly help or protect the chosen one (-8)

Weave a prophecy for a nonbeliever (+4), weave a prophecy directly contrary to someone’s moral fiber (+8), weave a prophecy that helps someone accomplish something evil or of ill intent (+12)

Mckaylas Power

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