• Vest, Undercover:
    Armor Rating 2W, and convert two additional Wounds to Stun (or Shock Points if the victims suffers too much Stun).


  • knife d2W
  • sword d6W
  • baseball bat d6B
  • light pistol d4W, 40 ft range, 6 ammo
  • heavy pistol d8W, 60 ft range, 10 ammo
  • hunting rifle d8W, 300 ft range, 20 ammo
  • silver bullets
  • Jesus Gun
  • Cain’s Knife

Medical Equipment
List of Items for Reference
List of The Well Stocked Doctor’s Bag
List of The Well Stocked First Aid Kit

  • surgical equipment, advanced first aid kit, auriscope, disposable gloves, equipment for maintaining an airway in both adults and children, in-date medicines for medical emergencies, ophthalmoscope, sharps container, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, syringes and needles in a range of sizes, thermometer, tongue depressors, torch
  • adrenaline, aspirin, atropine sulphate, benztropine mesylate, benzylpenicillin, chlorpromazine or haloperidol, diazepam, ergotamine maleate, frusemide, glucose 50% and/or glucagon, glyceryl trinitrate spray or tablets, hydrocortisone sodium succinate or dexamethasone, metoclopramide hydrochloride, morphine sulphate or appropriate analgesic agent, naloxone hydrochloride, prednisone, promethazine hydrochloride, salbutamol aerosol.

Covert Gear / Backpack in her Apartment

  • binoculars, lockpick kit

Random Gear / Backpack in her Apartment

  • backpack, digital camera, laptop
  • smart phone / tablet (uses as tablet and personal cell phone)
  • go phone – uses as contact with hunters “You’ve reach Mckayla’s other, other phone…leave a message.”
  • flashlights, rope, salt, multi-tool, duct tape

Vehicle & In the Trunk

  • flares, duct tape, multi-tool, flashlights, crowbar, ball gloves, ball, baseball bat
  • first aid kit, camping gear, compass, glow sticks, MREs
  • rope, salt, tire iron
  • 2009 Ford Explorer with tinted windows


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