Soul Carving Knife


Originally made by H.H. Holmes, the knife gained supernatural powers after being used to carve apart a few hundred of his victims in his murderous hotel. while Holmes himself was finally stopped, much of the equipment involved in his serial killings was never recovered. Eventually, loathed by both the living and the agonized dead, this knife became imbued with a supernatural force of its own.

If the Soul Carving Knife inflicts the final killing blow on a human, the human’s soul is marked. After their death their soul cannot pass on and instead remains behind as a ghost. Conversely, any organ harvested by the Knife carries special powers as long as it’s properly preserved before being placed in a host. First, the harvested organ can be donated to any recipient, even the supernatural, without fear of rejection. Second, any recipient of such an organ gains a supernatural benefit. Individual effects depend largely on the skill of the wielder of the knife, what organ is harvested, and what type of individual the organ is placed into, but rumors persist that Holes himself empowered the knife in an attempt to harvest organs and create the perfect being.


Soul Carving Knife

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