weapon (ranged)


Said to have been split from a dying God, Shiva is a weapon of immense power. The acting force, this weapon is used to change the world around it. Whenever wielded, Shiva is the manifestation of the aggression and raw power of its wielder.

Damage: (Supernatural Power)W
Ammo: 1 Stun / Shot
Clip: Indefinite
Range: Wielder’s Visible Range
Special: Ignores Armor, Inflicted Damage cannot be Regenerated, Can Kill Anything

Powered by the soul of the wielder, this ammunition harnesses their power and fires compressed blasts of destructive soul power. While the gun is wielded, the owner can see the fabric of reality and trace the lines of fate in the world around her. As long as the weapon is used to destroy something, the wielder can fire the gun to target anything and everything. The specificity of the target determines the penalty of the attack (otherwise treated as a called shot) and an amount of damage must be dealt as decided by the Storyteller.

For example, in addition to dealing mundane damage, the wielder of the weapon could attempt to destroy the loyalty of a Demon to Lucifer. The ST rules the called shot penalty and the player makes an attack roll, defended against by the Demon as normal for a physical attack. The ST also sets a required amount of damage and, should the attack deal that much damage, the tie is severed. In this example, the abstract nature is given a +8 called shot penalty secretly by the ST and the player makes an attack. The Demon is out of actions and elects only to innately dodge, adding the difficulty to his Defense. The ST rules that it would take 10 damage to sever the tie. The player beats the demon’s Defense roll by 5 and rolls a 6 for damage. With a combined 11 damage (1 over the damage “difficulty” set by the ST), the wielder successfully severs the Demons tie of loyalty.



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