weapon (ranged)


The weapon forged opposite of Shiva, Shakti is the the foil to the destruction brought on by Shiva. Despite its appearance, Shakti is used to make whole instead of destroy.

Damage: (Supernatural Power)W
Ammo: 1 Stun / Shot
Clip: Indefinite
Range: Wielder’s Visible Range
Special: Varies

Powered by the soul of the wielder, this ammunition harnesses their power and fires compressed blasts of pure soul power. While the gun is wielded, the owner can see the fabric of reality and trace the lines of fate in the world around her. As long as the weapon is used to create something, the limitations of the gun are nearly limitless. The specificity of the target determines the penalty of the attack (otherwise treated as a called shot) and an amount of damage must be dealt as decided by the Storyteller.

For instance, the wielder could use this gun to heal a mortally wounded Human. Doing so requires a “called shot” penalty determined by the ST and the excess, along with the base damage of the weapon, then determines the effectiveness of the weapon. In this example, the ST rules no called shot penalty is in order and the difficulty of the unconscious human is Easy. In this example, the player rolls 10 Basic and 4 Wound damage with the weapon on a successful hit. The ST rules that the corresponding amount of damage is healed.



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