Heyers Pocketwatch


Worn by Adam Heyer in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the slaughter of the unlucky seven created a spiritual vacuum which empowered the watch. Heyer was a well-known book keeper of the Moran Gang and would obsessively stare at his pocket watch while crunching numbers and figures, ever mindful of his invested time. The watch itself has long since been broken, forever stuck at the fateful minute when its original owner’s soul left this world.

Heyers agony while he lay dying seemed to last an eternity, but before he died he gazed upon his watch one last time and counted the seconds until his heart stopped beating. These few moments seemed to last an eternity but the energy released by his dying soul empowered the watch. When wound by someone and placed on a desk or other surface in plain sight, the owner of the watch can stretch out time at the cost of his own life force. The owner of the watch winds either the minute or second hand to activate the watch. The second hand allows the wielder to accomplish 10 minutes of work for every minute that passes in real time but drains 1 Stun per interval. The minute hand allows the wielder to accomplish 1 hour of work for every minute that passes in real time but drains 1 Wound per interval. As if the cost wasn’t high enough, the owner must attempt a Willpower + Discipline / Resistance + Supernatural Power in order to break free of the time distortion the watch creates. The difficulty is Easy after the first interval, but increases one step for every interval thereafter. While using the time magic of the watch, the owner must be alone in a room and cannot leave the room for the duration.


Heyers Pocketwatch

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