Cerberus Chains

weapon (melee)

Crafted from the chains that bound Cerberus to the gates of hell, these mythical chains were crafted for the prince of hell from an unknown source.

The chains deal a d6 Wound when used as a mundane weapon. Against demons, the weapon glows a (painless) hell-red color and deals a d10 W which can hurt the demon directly, even if possessing a human.

Aion can make a melee attack to grapple the target with the chain as well. Doing so initially is an opposed roll against the targets defense. After a successful grapple, the target may take their turn to attempt a Strength based check to attempt to escape opposed by Aion’s Strength + Melee Combat.

Special Abilities

Extendable Chain
While the weight and kama are a static size, the chain itself can extend and retract to almost any size allowing either end of the weapon to be thrown. The maximum distance the weapon can extend is 50 feet per round.

Binding Grasp
Probably the most feared power of the chains is their effect on supernatural incorporeal demons. First, the chains can directly attack demons possessing a human. Second, if the chains are used to grapple a demon (whether possessing a human or not) and the wielder of the chain slays the target while grappled, the chains permanently absorb the demon further drawing power from them.

Demonic Torture
While grappled with the chain, any demon attempting to user supernatural powers must make a Willpower + Discipline / Concentration check and overcome Aion’s grapple roll. Aion can also use the chain to grapple demons and replace a torture roll with his attack roll.


Cerberus Chains

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