Rumored to be created by the God Brahma, these weapons were known to have brought pain and devastation on a massive scale. Supposedly the wielder of these weapons could destroy entire armies and even wreak such devastation on nearby villages that people were damaged on a spiritual level. Children were still born, crops would not grow, wells would dry up, and so forth.

Brahmastra are a pair of twin kukris that deal d6 W. They can be wielded with the unarmed combat trait.

Special Qualities

Brahmastra are some of the most powerful mythological weapons to have ever existed. Whatever is slain with them remains dead for good.

Power of Destruction
For every sentient supernatural or human create killed, the Brahmastra draw strength from their devastation. Each kill grants a single “charge” held within the weapon. While the true potential of the weapons is unknown at this time, the charges can be expended at the same ratio as plot points to add additional dice of damage on a successful attack. All charges remaining in the weapon dissipate at the end of the scene.



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