Windigo Alpha


Prophecy Benefits +1 Symbology, Removed Bane (Fire), +1 Willpower, Grant Supernatural Skill Angel (Formidable), +1 Supernatural Power per Prophecy


Supernatural Skill: Wendigo Alpha

Shape Shifter
The Wendigo Alpha is an accomplished Shapeshifter, far more so than his offspring. In addition to taking the form of any creature he can conceivably think of, the Alpha Wendigo can even mimic their power to a lesser extent. If he’s consumed the soul of a Supernatural creature and is currently assuming the disguise of one, he can attempt to mimic their power. He uses his Supernatural Skill and Shapeshifting specialty to mimic the ability but suffers a cumulative -1 skill step each additional attempt to mimic any non-native supernatural power in the same scene. His Shape Changing is flawless if he’s tasted the flesh of the assumed form, otherwise normal contested rolls to see through his disguise apply as normal. The disguise mimics everything observed with the five senses of the target but the Wendigo Alpha cannot duplicate memories. Shapeshifting is an Alertness + Wendig / Shapeshifter.

Superhuman Prowess
As legend tells, the Wendigo Alpha is an incredibly formidable combatant and can easily capable of matching Werewolves and other Supernatural heavy hitters blow for blow in combat. The Wendigo Alpha can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Wendigo Alpha Power / Superhuman Prowess + Supernatural Power. Every difficulty tier grants him a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).

Unlike other Supernaturals, the Wendigo Alpha also heavily augments his speed when using Supernatural Prowess. Every step increase he adds to his physical attribute doubles his speed (this multiplier is additive with itself). For instance, if he rolls high enough to add a 5 step bonus to his Attributes, he multiplies his speed by 6.

Superhuman Senses
The Alpha Wendigo’s senses are heightened to incredible potency. For every tier of difficulty he succeeds in, he can ask the ST one question that could conceivably be answered by the corresponding sense no matter how impossible. For instance, on a Hard difficulty when smelling an opponent, he could make three inquiries to the ST about the target such as “what was the last supernatural creature this person encountered?” (he could smell the must of Werewolf lingering on her skin), “what is the creature’s preferred method of fighting?” (he can smell the well-oiled gun holstered just out of view), and “is this creature a threat to me?” (he can smell the nervous perspiration of a creature working up the nerve to fight him). The Alpha Wendigo also always add his Supernatural Power to all rolls involving his senses.

Windigo Alpha

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