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Supernatural Skill: Werewolf

Transformation (Supernatural Prowess)
When Werewolves transform into their advanced form, they gain the ability to access their Supernatural Prowess. Upon assuming its monstrous form (which typically requires a whole turn for afflicted or a single action for natural born), the Werewolf rolls its Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Werewolf / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants him a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes and Alertness as long as they remain transformed (+1 step Easy, +2 step Average, +3 step Hard, etc). Additionally, while transformed, the Werewolf gains wickedly sharp teeth and claws. The Claws deal a d6 Wound while the Bite deals a d10 Wound. The werewolf need not establish a grapple before using its bite attack.

Typically an afflicted Werewolf can only change on a full moon and remains changed for the full night, waking up the next morning without memory (and often bloodied). A pure born Werewolf, however, can access his Supernatural Prowess and partial features at any time in his human form or by transforming. Even a partially transformed Werewolf has some physical effect of their transformation (typically haunting, glowing wolf eyes).

Werewolves cannot regenerate lost limbs but they can recover from almost any other injury. As long as the werewolf has not suffered damage from a silver weapon, they regenerate at a rate of 1 Stun per round and 1 Wound per minute. Werewolves do not fall unconscious until they take twice their Life Points in Wound damage and never risk falling unconscious from Stun damage. If the werewolf takes more than twice his Life Points in Wound damage, roll his Stamina + Werewolf / Regeneration at a difficulty equal to the amount of Wound the werewolf has taken in excess of twice his Life Points. Success means the werewolf is merely rendered unconscious and will eventually recover from the damage. Upon being knocked unconscious, almost all Werewolves revert to their human form. Should an afflicted werewolf regain consciousness while the full moon is in the sky, he automatically re-assumes his monstrous form and continues his hunt.

Superhuman Senses
Werewolf senses are rivaled only by supernatural creatures with the most acute senses. They always add their Supernatural Skill to Perception rolls that involve one of their senses. When utilizing their keen sense of smell, they also add their Supernatural Power to the roll.

Creature Traits

Weakness: Silver
All excess from an attack roll deals Wound damage (instead of Basic). Werewolves that suffer Wound damage equal to their Life Points (or a killing blow that would normally slay a human) cannot regenerate the damage.

Feeding: Hearts
Werewolves must consume the flesh of others to survive, specifically hearts. The heart of an animal will sustain them for a week while the heart of a Human will sustain them for a month (and is much more satisfying).

Reproduction: Bite
A werewolf that bites and does not kill a human curses that human with lycanthropy. The human can attempt a Heroic Resistance roll to shake off the supernatural virus but no one has ever been recorded to have succeeded. On the next full moon, the Werewolf will change for the first time and consume their first Heart (which is almost always Human).


Werewolf Alpha

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