Violet Rose


Supernatural Skill: Witchcraft

All of Violet’s Witchraft is done with Intelligence + Witchcraft / Specialty.

Power Words
Most Witches never develop the ability to use magic on the fly, Violet is one of the few exceptions. She commands magic with a single word as an action. The effect of the magic must be able to be ’summed up" by the single word (such as “halt” or “burn” but can be a little more complicated, such as “dispel”). The roll is opposed by the target (with whatever resistance roll the ST feels is most appropriate). If directly damaging a single opponent, Violet rolls her Supernatural Power. If damaging multiple opponents, she takes a step penalty to damage for each additional target. If only affecting mortals, Violet can target radius a number of miles equal to the die result of her Supernatural Power which she must occupy. If she chooses to damage targets in this area, all mundane targets suffer her Supernatural Power in damage of her choosing.

The more complicated version of her magic, Rituals are used to create precise incantations with very specific circumstances. Rituals allow Violet to exercise much more control than Power Words and allow her to make extended casting rolls to enact a spell. Once she reaches the difficulty determined by the ST, the spell is complete. A ritual can reach a maximum of Witchcraft / Rituals + Supernatural Power damage against a single target with a cumulative step penalty to damage for each additional target. While using Rituals, she can boost the area of effect up to 10 miles instead of 1 mile per result on her Supernatural Power roll.

Resembling a Ritual, Symbology is the art of using symbols for power. Symbology mostly has two separate effects. The correct symbol can allow Violet to access magic more reliably or otherwise more powerful than she’d be able to otherwise. Symbology can also be used to store magic which is triggered at a later time. If she constructs a symbol to help with her other spells, she gains a Step bonus on the Supernatural Skill roll the Symbol was designed for (each symbol is typically specific to a single spell) equal to the difficulty tier acquired in the activation roll. (For example, rolling an Easy difficulty while crafting a Symbol gives her a +1 Step Bonus on her skill roll, Average a +2 Step bonus, Hard a +3 Step bonus, and so on).


Violet Rose

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