Supernatural Power: Archangel Power

White Light
One of the most feared abilities of the higher Angels is their use of a special power called White Light. By channeling their Grace into a holy white light, they can cause havoc to the world around them. The Archangel rolls his Willpower + Archangel Power to attack and the White Light deals his Supernatural Power in damage. All creatures within line of sight are subject to the attack, although the Archangel can choose which targets to affect or limit the range as it wishes. White Light ignores all armor and completely obliterates any mundane materials or humans with an Easy difficulty. White Light cannot be dodged or parried normally, but creatures with Superhuman speed (Teleportation is not enough) can potentially outrun it and are entitled to a Defense roll. Finally, White Light applies the Supernatural Power difference multiplier to damage as well.

Born For Battle – Supernatural Prowess
All Archangels are incredibly formidable combatants, matching even the most powerful Supernatural heavy hitters blow for blow in combat. An Archangel can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Archangel Power / Superhuman Prowess + Supernatural Power. Every difficulty tier grants the Archangel a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes and Alertness for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).

While Supernatural Prowess is active, Tarquin becomes a paragon of battle whose skill is matched by none. He need only allocate a single action each turn to apply his full defense to all incoming attacks and may meet each attack with his full defense at no step penalty. Tarquin may use the extra action granted from the Fighting Type Asset to apply his Defense universally as well. Further, Tarquin may reroll a single die in any physical action while maintaining his Supernatural Prowess. The re-roll must be done before the player knows the result of the die roll and the result must be kept, even if worse.

Archangels healing capabilities are vast as their healing power is incredible, but the following have been observed; alleviating mild headaches or discomfort (easy), healing all stun damage a target possesses or curing a simple illness (average), recovering all wound damage the target has taken or treating a potentially fatal illness (hard), and treating an untreatable terminal illness or healing a debilitating wound (formidable). Archangels are even capable of bringing back the dead and can pull any soul from Heaven by touching the Soul and making a Healing roll at a Formidable difficulty. Healing another takes one turn and requires an Alertness + Archangel Power / Healing roll.

Mind Reading
Archangels are extremely capable telepaths and can easily facilitating communication between multiple people. Further, their telepathic intuition of others gives him a sixth sense when it comes to interacting with others since their deepest feelings and emotions might as well be pieces of jewelry plainly worn for him to see. Archangels can facilitate communication between themselves and others they’re close to (Easy), reach out to another human somewhere in the world (Average), reach out to another supernatural creature somewhere in the world (Hard), or even reach beyond the boundaries of this dimension and into others such as heaven, hell, and purgatory (Formidable). Further, Archangels can sense emotional states (Easy), sift through surface thoughts (Average), understand deep and lingering desires or repressed memories (Hard), or even pull a lifetime of knowledge from a target within a few moments (Formidable). Unlike normal Angels, Archangels can also use this ability to implant memories (using similar difficulties). Supernatural creatures resist Archangel’s Mind Reading with their Supernatural Power, though few creatures are practiced at guarding their thoughts since angelic intrusions into their mental state are few and far between. Archangels attempting to access the mind of another need only spend an action and make an Intelligence + Archangel Power / Mind Reading roll opposed by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance + Supernatural Power.

One of the most feared powers that Archangels possess, Smiting allows the Archangel to kill any living creature with a Supernatural Rating less than his own instantly. The Archangel must touch the target (an attack roll as normal which is resolved in the same action) to smite it then make a Vitality + Archangel Power / Smiting opposed by the target’s Endurance + Supernatural Power. Successful use of Smiting instantly slays the target touched. Archangels can attempt to touch two targets at once by taking a two step penalty and making a single Smite roll. An Archangel that uses Smiting cannot take any other actions for its turn other than for defense. Archangels can smite other Angles, but doing so is a sin against Heaven of the highest order. Smiting requires a full turn to attempt.

One of the most coveted of the angelic powers, Archangels have the unsettling ability to appear and vanish from anywhere on Earth. This ability does not function, however, if an Archangel is in active combat since it takes all of his concentration to whisk himself from one destination to the next. Saraphim can teleport anywhere in Heaven with ease (Easy), anywhere on Earth with minimal effort (Average), or even cross dimensions such as into heaven or hell with a little effort (Hard). Each additional target he brings along makes the trip a bit more taxing (+4 for every additional creature) so they rarely travel with more than a handful of people. Teleporting requires a single turn while the Archangel is not in active combat and a successful Agility + Archangel Power / Teleportation roll.

Archangels are natural kineticists and wield an impressive array of psychokinetic abilities. Examples of this ability include telekinesis, psychokinesis, electrokinesis, and any other basic elemental manipulation. Archangels can attempt to affect multiple targets (4 difficulty per additional target) or affect an entire area (4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc). Archangels use their Willpower + Archangel Power / Psychokinesis and each application requires a single action. When causing damage, use their Supernatural Power for the base “weapon” damage.

Archangels have almost perfect control over living and organic matter. They can do anything from make minor cosmetic changes to living organisms (Easy) to regrow internal organs (Average). This power can also be used to create any life (except Humans and other Supernaturals) with the complexity depending in the complication of the organism. A few celled microbe is trivial (Easy) but a more complex animal (an extinct Dodo) can be more difficulty (Hard). The Archangel can also use this ability to enhance a living creature’s natural abilities granting them the ability to breathe non-native environments (Hard) or even heal at an accelerated rate (Varies). Using Biokinesis requires a single action, is done with the Archangel’s Intelligence + Archangel Power / Biokinesis, and is resisted by the target’s Endurance + Supernatural Power.



Heavenly Wings
Created by Riley, these wings serve the same function as their angelic wings but draw on her Nephilim Soul for power.


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