Siren Alpha


Supernatural Skill: Siren

Sirens have the innate ability to pick up on the surface thoughts of anyone they engage in face to face conversation with. Typically the surface thoughts of the person are related to the topic being discussed but things weighing heavily on the target’s mind may float to the surface instead. The Siren makes a WIllpower + Siren / Empathy contested by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance. Success allows the Siren to read the surface thoughts of the target for the turn. An exceptional success allows the Siren to read the surface thoughts of the target for the entire scene. Each use of Empathy requires an action.

Sirens can shapeshift themselves into any humanoid form the desire. The shapeshifting is only noticeable to creatures with supernatural senses which the Siren contests with an Alertness + Siren / Shapeshifting roll. Shapeshifting mimics all desired physical traits, including things like tattoos, but does not allow grant the Siren any special knowledge of the identity he assumes, such as memories or mannerisms.

Sirens with little more than a few words can compel any target to obey them. The Siren must be present and speaking with a target who understands him. The Siren makes a single suggestion (which should be about a sentence long) then makes a Willpower + Siren / Call + Supernatural Power roll contested by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance. Success compels the target to not only follow the Sirens edict, but they also internalize it as though the idea was theirs all along. More powerful Sirens have been known to be able to deliver more complicated commands.

Sirens also have the ability to produce a poison from small glands in their mouth which they can coat the inside of their mouth with. If they expose this poison to another living creature, the creature makes a Formidable Endurance roll or becomes completely enslaved to the Siren. Sirens have also been known to use this poison to coat weapons, but the poison only lasts for a scene (about an hour) once applied.

Creature Traits

Feeding: Intense Emotion
Sirens feed off the intense emotions of others. Typically Sirens poison their would-be meals in order to make them commit horrible atrocities which provide the most nourishment. An atrocious act feeds the Siren for a week, an emotion act sustains them for a day, and a “short outburst” is enough to feed them for a few hours.

Weakness: Bronze Dagger Coated in Blood of Victim
Damage dealt with this specific weapon deals a d12 Wound damage to the Siren. All excess from the attack roll is also dealt in Wound (instead of Basic).


Siren Alpha

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