Katherine Solomon


Supernatural Power: Witchcraft

One of the most powerful weapons in a Witch’s arsenal and a staple of most Borrowers, Hexing is about debilitating or even killing foes in hostile situations. Hexes range anywhere from causing hallucinations in the target to forcing their internal organs to rupture and vary wildly depending on the Witch. Hexes are usually extended actions with each action requiring the Witch’s full turn and done with an Intelligence + Witchcraft / Hexes roll. Most Witches work some form of debilitation into their Hexes so the intended target cannot retaliate. Hexes are typically resisted with Willpower + Vitality with a difficulty set by the result of the Witch’s roll.

While not beneficial in a knock-down drag out fight, a Ritual is a technique a Witch can use to enact powerful magic provided she has the materials, time, and knowledge of how to conduct the ritual. Discovering or writing new rituals is typically an extended Intelligence + Lore / Witchraft roll with a difficulty determined by the ST. Conducting the Ritual itself is an extended Intelligence + Witchcraft / Rituals roll with intervals and difficulty determined by the complexity of the desired result as determined by the ST.

Witches are one of the few types of supernatural that regularly study symbology and do so for a variety of reasons. Many symbols have potent effects, ranging from warding away remote viewing to banishing angels to devil traps. While this skill is typically covered by the Lore skill trait, a Witch trained in Symbology can use their advanced knowledge of symbols of power to craft runes on the fly. This is typically done with an Intelligence + Symbology and is resisted by the creature’s Willpower + Vitality + Supernatural Power. The activation roll determines the difficulty to resist and whether or not the desired effect is obtained.


Katherine Solomon

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