Iris Deveroux



A relatively new Vampire that was picked up by a Petra, her and her Nest were experimented on twisting and changing their vampiric nature to the whim of the Petra. While this actually benefited her Nest, the process was agonizing and she was forced to endure day after day of grueling torture at the hands of the Petra. After no small effort, her and her Nest managed to escape the Petra and fled to Tacoma to begin anew.

Deciding that they needed to be as prepared as they could be to resist the Petra if they showed once more, her Nest began hunting the Hunters in an attempt to lure a Human with enough potential to make a Vampire strong enough to help them fight the Petra. Much to their dismay, they found that their blood now killed all but the most resilient humans which made turning much more difficult. Finally enlisting the help of a Siren, Devin, to lure Hunters into an ambush, their hopes quickly began to fade as each candidate failed to survive the turning.

Finally finding one that survived, Iris was horrified when the creation turned against her and murdered her Nest. Unknown to the Hunter, Riley, that severed the heads of her Nest-mates, Vampires are supernaturally bound to those they Nest with.

Iris now suffers from deep depression at the lost of her Nest mates, and only the compulsion of the Nephilim that marked her can compel her to do more than wallow in the grief of her own loss.


Iris Deveroux

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