Supernatural Skill: Fenrir

Innate Magic
All Fenrir are gifted with innate magical ability which gives them an intuitive understanding of the world around them and how they can influence it with their own souls. Die pools, difficulties and time required all vary depending on what the Fenrir is trying to accomplish (for instance, analyzing magic might be a single action Alertness + Fenrir / Innate Magic while conducting a powerful ritual to summon another supernatural creature is an extended Willpower + Fenrir / Innate Magic that requires 30 minutes a roll). For all intents and purposes, Fenrir are considered natural magic users much like Warlocks and Mages. Fenrir do not have specialties in their magic skill like Mages do and instead treat this rating as their relevant skill for all forms of magic they’re familiar with (which they typically pick up very quickly).

Supernatural Resilience
Fenrir are incredibly resistant to the powers of other supernatural creatures. If contesting any supernatural power, either physically or mentally, the Fenrir adds his Fenrir / Supernatural Resilience to the contested roll. When the Fenrir catches a second wind, he recovers both Wound and Stun damage equal to his result. Lastly the Fenrir can devote an action to roll his Supernatural Power in response to taking damage and ignore that amount of damage (ignoring the most severe type of damage first, like armor). This roll suffers multiple action penalties as normal but does not suffer step penalties for multiple uses in the same turn.

Supernatural Prowess
True to most of the imposing supernatural creatures, Fenrir are incredibly capable when it comes to physical combat. By spending an action and rolling the Fenrir’s Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Fenrir / Supernatural Prowess. For every tier of difficulty, the Fenrir gains a one step bonus to all physical attributes for the scene (e.g. Easy is +1, Average is +2, Hard is +3, etc).

Hunter’s Sense
Fenrir adds his Fenrir / Hunter’s Sense to all rolls involving his senses, such as perception. This also allows him to not only contest supernatural abilities when competing against other supernatural creatures but also gives him fantastical senses, such as following a creature’s trail by smell.

Instant Travel
While the Fenrir has his Supernatural Prowess active, he gains the ability to move at incredible speeds for a single action. The tier bonus determines the distance he can move although his speed seems to make him move instantly from one point to another, able to cross any surface and enter any space that he is not physically or supernaturally hampered from moving into. The movement distance is as follows: one city block (+0), anywhere in the same city (+1), anywhere in the same state (+2), anywhere in the same country (+3), anywhere on the same continent (+4), anywhere in the same hemisphere (+5), anywhere on the same planet (+6). Using this ability is Agility + Fenrir / Instant Travel and requires a full round to activate. This ability cannot be used in combat.

Supernatural Negotiation
Fenrir are incredibly compelling and convincing creatures that can easily sway even the most stalwart supernatural creatures with nothing more than words. The Fenrir that has the chance to speak to another creature that can understand him makes a Willpower + Influence + Fenrir / Supernatural Negotiation contested by the creature’s Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance. If the Fenrir succeeds, the creature feels supernaturally compelled to heed his words.

Hunter’s Adaptation
This ability serves as a two-fold benefit to the Fenrir although he can only use one version of this ability at a time. The first benefit this ability confers is allowing the Fenrir to adapt his body to perform in a certain condition with a difficulty determined by the ST (such as adapting to fight underwater, which would typically be a Vitality + Fenrir / Hunter’s Adaptation). The second version allows the Fenrir to acquire a single skill specialty for a scene and treat his rating in that specialty as equal to his Fenrir / Hunter’s Adaptation.

Fenrir are naturally kineticists and wield an impressive array of psychokinetic abilities. Examples of this ability include telekinesis, psychokinesis, electrokinesis, and any other basic elemental manipulation the Fenrir can think of. Fenrir can attempt to affect multiple targets (+4 difficulty per additional target) or affect an entire area (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc).

Creature Traits

Feeding: Aggression Sustenance
Fenrir feed off of the aggression of other creatures, both human and supernatural alike. They need to make physical contact with a creature (unarmed attacks count as contact for purposes of feeding) in order to do so and have the ability to siphon off a creature’s aggression. Doing so deals a single point of Stun damage each turn and provides the Fenrir a days worth of sustenance as a result. If the Fenrir desires, he can deal Wound damage each turn which allows him to heal a single point of damage and gain sustenance for a week per wound taken. The Fenrir can only siphon Wound damage from a creature in active combat. A creature slain via Wound damage in this manner rises as a Fenrir in 24 hours time.

Weakness: Honest Envoy
Conducting a special ritual that involves an offering to the Fenrir and genuine intention (which the Fenri adds his Supernatural Power to detect should someone invoke this right to determine if their intentions are genuine), any creature that can appropriately conduct the ceremony can approach the Fenrir and converse with him. The ritual typically earns the ritualist the Fenrir’s attention for a scene and the Fenrir will continue to listen provided the creature is not hostile and does not attempt to do anything other than speak with the Fenrir. Should the ritualist abide by this tradition, the Fenrir will allow the ritualist to leave at the end of the scene without coming to harm.



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