Supernatural Skill – Mother of Monsters

Command of the Creator
Eve can compel any monster of her lineage to do whatever she wishes. She makes a Willpower + Mother of Monsters / Command + Supernatural Power roll contested by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance. This ability also allows her to pull thoughts from any monster, communicate with them telepathically, and even see through their senses at any time. She need only contest a monster once per scene although their success grants them immunity from her for the rest of the scene. Eve must succeed in a Hard activation roll if she wishes to use this ability on monsters not on the same plane of existence, contested normally if the monster resists.

Create Monster
By biting a human subject, Eve can infect them with her own power turning the human into a monster of her own lineage. Humans are unfortunately unable to stave off her bite and cannot stop the inevitable transformation although they can postpone it. The human makes an Endurance roll. An Easy difficulty ensures their transformation happens in seconds, Average postpones the transformation to minutes, Hard to hours, Formidable to days, and Heroic to weeks. During this time it might be possible for the human to come up with a cure but one is not known, although the power of an Archangel might be able to rid the Human of the disease.

In order to create a new kind of monster, Eve must give birth to the creature. She can take any lover and typically has no problem seducing one, although she cannot procreate with someone of her own lineage. If the father is supernatural, Eve receives a bonus to her roll to create the supernatural creature equal to the father’s Supernatural power. Eve herself then makes a Vitality + Mother of Monsters / Lineage roll. Every tier of difficulty allows her to imbue the child with a single supernatural ability (Easy is 1 power, Average is 2 powers, Hard is 3 powers, etc), designed by the player and approved by the GM. She must also create a Bane of some kind for the creature. Eve can grant the child additional abilities over the tier she rolls, but doing so also grants the child another Bane (such as dead mans blood, sunlight, etc.). Eve cannot attempt to recreate a monster she has already given birth to. She could potentially slay the Alpha of a type of supernatural and start over, but this typically isn’t worth it to her since she both cares for her children and killing the Alpha would also slay all in it’s line.

Master Shapeshifter
Eve has perfect control over her own body and can alter herself as a single action (which can be split into multiple actions). She can completely adjust her appearance at an Easy activation with every tier above that granting her a single feature (such as night vision, claws, wings, etc). Every tier on the activation roll grants a single augmentation and each transformation has a “potency” equal to her Supernatural Power (so claws would deal damage equal to her Supernatural Power, an armored hide would negate her Supernatural Power in damage, etc). Shapeshifting is an Alertness + Mother of Monsters / Master Shapshifter + Supernatural Power.

Eve is capable of possessing both Humans and any monster that is descended from her. Neither humans nor monsters can naturally resist her possession. If they’ve somehow found a way to supernaturally guard themselves from her possession, she makes a contested roll but adds her Supernatural Power to the roll. Possesing a human is Willpower + Mother of Monsters / Possession resisted by the creature’s Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance.

Eve has unprecedented regenerating abilities, capable of coming back from even the most grievous of wounds unless killed in a very specific manner. Every round Eve rolls her natural Vitality. She then splits the result between her Stun and Wound (much like how basic damage is assigned) and regenerates that much health. Eve cannot fall unconscious from Stun damage and ignores all Shock damage. Further, she is only rendered unconscious when she suffers a number of wound points equal to twice her life points. Lastly, Eve only suffers a one step penalty to physical actions when she’s taken her life points in wound damage.

Soft Presence
Eve is older than even the Angelic host which gives her quite an array of power. She can resist, or even nullify, the power of any creature that was created after her simply by willing it so. Doing so is a contested Willpower + Mother of Monsters / Soft Presence and contested by the creature’s natural Endurance roll. A few exceptions to this ability, such as Archangels in Heaven, allow the creature to add their Supernatural Power to the roll but these exceptions are few and reserved for some of the most powerful creatures in existence under very specific circumstances. Eve can also use this ability to perform feats of magic with the difficulty, activation roll, and time needed to perform the feat subject to Storyteller discretion.

Superhuman Prowess
By making a Vitality + Mother of Monsters / Supernatural Power + Supernatural Prowess roll as a single action, Eve can grant herself a 1 step bonus per difficulty tier to all attributes. Unlike most supernatural creatures, Eve can maintain her Superhuman Prowess for an entire month per activation although she can only attempt to activate this ability once per scene. Further, Eve gains superhuman speed while her Superhuman Prowess is active appearing to move almost instantly between locations. An Easy activation has a range of roughly a city block, Average a city, Hard a State, Formidable a Country, Heroic anywhere in the same hemisphere, and Incredible allows her to move anywhere in the world. Eve cannot natively cross planes of existence without an appropriate summoning ritual.



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