Devin Oliver



Most monsters that wish to hold onto their humanity are faced with a terrible choice. Their natures compel them to inflict pain on the world around them in order to sate their own hungers. They are monsters, after all. Rarely, a few monsters are clever enough to find a way to sate their animalistic tendencies while sparing the lives of the humans they prey on. Devin is one such monster.

While nothing sates a Siren like the atrocities a human can commit while drunk on the poison they produce, Devin decided to take a different path. Using his natural abilities to woo the human world around them, he did something few other monsters choose to do and stepped into the spotlight of the human world. Becoming a famous musician of a very popular band, Devin now feeds off of the drug-filled high-emotion concerts his music inspires. The rush of a few hundred humans all losing their mind to his supernatural compulsion not only sustains him for extended periods of time, but also feels almost as satisfying as the depraved methods his brethren use. Almost.

Until recently, Devin remained on the straight and narrow. It wasn’t until the rise of the Petra and the attempt on his life that he became aware of a terrible truth: the world was changing, and he’d have to change with it if he didn’t want to fall into an early grave. Refusing to dance to the depraved tune of the Petra, he instead once again relied on his Siren powers to enlist supernatural help to keep himself safe. Meeting a local Vampire Nest, he agreed to help them recruit powerful candidates in exchange for the supernatural muscle they could bring to the table to keep him safe. While Devin feels bad about it, truly, he knows that without some kind of protection it’s only a matter of time before the Petra pick him off.


Devin Oliver

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