Supernatural Skill: Reaper

Most Repears use this skill to change their appearance or the world around mortal souls to help them transition into the afterlife, but Reapers are capable of altering what another creature perceives at will. These rolls are always contested by the Reaper’s target but Humans can rarely see through to the truth.

It’s an Easy difficulty for Reapers to be invisible to mortals and the invisibility lasts as long as the Reaper wishes. Against supernatural creatures, the Reaper may use her Supernatural skill in place of a mundane skill while attempting to remain hidden.

In a tight spot, Reapers are capable of possessing other creatures and sometimes choose to do so. Typically Reapers can only possess creatures with a Supernatural Power rating below their own but some might be capable of more. The roll to resist possession is contested as normal.

Little is known about the mysterious Reaper power as they rarely take advantage of it. Reapers are employed by Death to take souls to the afterlife, after all, not put them back in their bodies. Nevertheless, a Reaper has been known to resurrect mortals and sometimes even supernatural creatures if their untimely demise goes against Death’s very particular schedule. Resurrecting a mortal is typically an Average difficulty, while supernatural creatures levy a one step difficulty increase for every rank of Supernatural Power they possessed in life.

Soul Track
Reapers are the authority on tracking down wayward souls, both living and deceased. Tracking a moral soul on Earth is easy, while tracking Supernatural souls is typically contested. Reapers increase the difficulty by 4 to track souls across a different plane but are typically able to know almost right away if the soul in question is in a different plane of existence. Reapers typically understand inherently, thanks to Death, what souls they are responsible for so they always know what soul they’re attempting to track down. A Reaper could attempt to track down a different soul, but vague information can levy penalties to do so at the GM’s discretion.

Like quite a few other supernatural creatures, Reapers have powerful Telekinetic capability. Reapers can attempt to affect multiple targets (+4 difficulty per additional target) or affect an entire area (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc). They almost always refrain from large displays of Telekinesis at Death’s command but are not hesitant to defend themselves if another Supernatural creature interferes with their work, especially if that creature has the advantage in a physical contest.

Reapers can teleport almost anywhere they’ve been before at an Easy difficulty or anywhere on Earth for an Average difficulty. Further, Reapers can also transport themselves to other planes such as Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory at a Hard difficulty. Some Repears can even take a small number of people, but doing so is a Formidable difficulty. Reapers lower the difficulty of trans-dimensional teleportation to Easy when escorting a Soul to the afterlife.

Time Stop
One of their most potent abilities, Reapers have the power to stop time. They cannot interfere with sentient creatures while Time is stopped since those creatures’ current state is suspended in the time stream, but they can otherwise have limited interaction with their environment. Stopping time for a minute is Easy, but stopping time for an hour requires an Average difficulty while stopping time for a whole day is a Hard difficulty. Other Supernatural creatures may resist this roll reflexively to shunt themselves out of the time stream when in the presence of a Reaper to behave normally.


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