Sins of the Father

Mckayla Thoughts #2

I suppose things felt just as crazy when I was human. The 12 hour shift followed by the mad grocery and chore dash before I’d crash for the day. But the weight that things carry now…it’s so much more. I really think I can make a difference, really believe I’m here for a reason. So, is purgatory a good idea? To leave everything behind to look for one girl and one tablet. I’m not sure I can justify it, but it’s still my responsibility. How can I fix everything at once. How can I be in all places at once. I just have to accept that role isn’t mine and learn to be satisfied with doing all I can. Maybe the Laviathan tablet will be a boon, there could still be some on earth and I was certainly responsible for unleashing them. And I know the angels would be angry and scared of they knew about the tablet…perhaps I should give it to them as a piece offering. How can I ask that they have faith in me if I don’t have faith in them. Maybe I’m approaching this wrong…it shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. Maybe I should be focusing on the angels more than I am. Help them and it will just naturally trickle down to earth?



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