Sins of the Father

Mackayla Thoughts #1

Dear Heavenly Father,
The last time I prayed I was human and my greatest regret or concern was losing someone who came to the ER in critical condition. Things are … different. I was given power—the ability to make miracles happen, is it wrong that I should want to use this to make things better? I was asked why I wanted to change things since those before me had left our world in this situation for centuries. I was told that perhaps things are meant to be this way. But I can’t help but think…maybe they aren’t meant to be this way and maybe someone just has to be brave enough to do something about it. I believe you love your children and you are merciful. I have faith that you carry all our best interest in your heart. But I know that we need to work hard for the future you want us to claim. I will do my best and work my hardest to bring that future for your children. I do not ask for my journey to be easier, but if you could make the travels of your other children less burdened I would gladly bear their weight.




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