Sins of the Father

Lost Cause

Episode 1

  • woke up to total devastation, looked like we were in the middle of a blast zone, but the concrete around us was not damage, like we were in a protective bubble

  • woke up holding the hand of some guy—who turned out to be a fucking demon, but thanks to amnesia I had no clue who he was

  • turned out the guy, Aion, was contracted to me and was even wearing my focus…did I mention I’m a witch…

  • after we agreed we didn’t like each other…or did we?…we encountered a couple demons and put an end to them, Aion showed he was a high ranking scary motherfucker

  • one of the demons we caught talked, telling us that the gateway between hell and earth was destroyed and it was a demon free for all

  • we ran into a random human who knew me, ended up being Alex, my half-brother, I’ve got some flashes of him and some fond feelings but nothing concrete

  • Alex gave me a key and a note…I guess I planned for this…although not very well…

  • I got to the storage facility that belonged to the key and we got jumped by a couple shape shifters, fuckers broke a rib but we…mostly the demon showoff, kicked their asses

  • inside the storage unit was a hold up of awesome shit, we loaded up stuff into my familiar red hummer (know that steering wheel I remember) and packed up

  • I found a cell phone with 2 numbers, one for Alex one for a Cameron and a laptop with a video on it

  • The video was of me talking to me (it was 6 mths old)…weird…I did plan for this…I was telling myself to see Cameron if I lost my memory and if I lost my memory that meant that I failed…but failed what? and who the hell is this cameron? and why the fuck am I so touchy feeley with the goddamn demon in the video? Are these photos? Why the fuck is there a photo of the goddam demon sleeping? am I a fucking stalker?

  • after we packed up I called Cameron and touched base, apparently he’s the brother of the guy who raised me, whatever, still can’t remember
  • we stopped at a Roadhouse and met Carl Marx and Kenny Brandle, both hunters although Marx has a bum leg, did Kenny a favor for a favor, gave him a fake ID and he found my birth certificate
  • so I’m Chloe Pennell, 24 yrs old, born to one Gayle Pennell, no listed father, well hell that isn’t much is it
  • the demon and I made our way to Cameron and met him at a dinner, he didn’t know I was a witch and hadn’t talked to me in about 7-9 months, he took the news of me being a freak well, but wasn’t thrilled about the demon…I can understand that, but feel some fucked up loyalty to this guy, why?
  • Cameron told me the story behind me growing up and it was like a rush, taking my breath away I remembered it all… Oh Cameron, I’m so sorry…
  • then Cameron tells me about the house that Alex and I bought then drops a bomb on me—he wants to hunt again. WHAT?!?!?! Fuck No! guess persistence runs in the family and he says he’ll do it anyway…I need to punch something, cut something and get hit back was I always this way?
  • I called Kenny and asked for a job…needed a job….



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